Medical Weight Loss Using the HCG Diet Program

Medical Weight Loss with the HCG Diet Program

HCG is the pregnancy hormone that is made by the pregnant female to protect her and her unborn fetus from starvation if her caloric intake drops to, or below 500 calories.  If that happens, the body’s metabolism switches from using sugar and protein to using only stored fat.  With HCG on board, along with a safe and healthy home-cooked 500-calorie diet the body will consume 2,000 calories from its previously stored fat. So, each day the body has at its disposal 2,500 calories to utilize so you are never hungry.  That is on average a loss of a pound a day of fat, not muscle and without depriving your body in any way.

The total cost of the 30-day program is $650 and consists of:

  • One-hour group orientation meeting with Dr. Talty.
  • Two ½ hour medical consultations; one before the participant starts the program and one when the participant finishes the program.  If interested this price would also include a consultation and work-up for hormone imbalance (a $375 value)
  • The pharmaceutical-grade sublingual (under the tongue) HCG solution (not shots - ouch!)
  • Prescription for Phentermine, a safe appetite suppressant
  • Prescription for medical-grade potassium to maintain healthy electrolyte balance
Dr. Talty is board-certified in both family medicine and orthopedic medicine and has been offering the HCG diet to her patients since 2008.  She has gained a wealth of knowledge in how it works and how to achieve the greatest results for each patient. She uses the original pharmaceutical-grade sub-lingual (under your tongue) HCG solution – no daily injections necessary.

Education into Metabolism and Weight Loss:

The program consists of a free one-hour group educational meeting scheduled on a Thursday evening after-hours so there is no need to take time off of work.  There, Dr. Talty goes over how the HCG diet works, why it works, and reviews past experience with the hundreds of patients she has worked with over the years. Focusing on the reasons why people gain weight, stresses the hormonal component to weight management and shares her experience with addressing hormonal imbalances and how it relates to “yo-yo” dieting.  Using her extensive background in nutrition, and exercise science, she is able to offer solutions not only how to get the weight off, but then keep it off in the future to secure permanent success.

What’s my thyroid or middle age got to do with it?

A little hint, most people who participate have tried every diet program out there and they may have lost and gained hundreds of pounds.  For many the key to permanent success is to assess subtle thyroid dysfunction, in both men and woman, that does not show on typical thyroid test.  If appropriate Dr. Talty will evaluate your personal hormonal status, testing in a way that mainstream medicine does not utilize. This is often the key as to why you gained the weight to begin with and why you cannot, despite Herculean efforts, lose it and keep it off for good.  If the participant chooses to proceed with hormone testing and evaluation ($375 value) they will then become part of her regular medical practice where yearly follow-up appointments and blood work to check levels will be necessary.

Consultation #1

As part of the program each participant is seen for a ½ hour medical consultation to go over their personal medical history, the medications that they are on and plan for any adjustments that may be necessary during the weight loss and maintenance phases of the diet program. Many people come solely to decrease or stop many of the medications they have been prescribed.  Once they have reached their weight loss goal they often no longer need or can lower the doses of medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.  At that appointment, you will pick up your HCG solution and are prescribed the appetite suppressant and potassium.

Consultation #2

You will then follow the diet exactly using the HCG as prescribed, monitor your weight loss by daily morning weigh-ins and return back to the office once you have completed your 30-days.  At the second ½ hour medical consultation, you will weigh-in and Dr. Talty will check in with you as to how you did and review the maintenance phase of the HCG diet program.  Many people have more than 30 pounds to lose.  If you wish to do more than one round of 30-days, you must wait 6-weeks in between rounds to allow your brain to become sensitive to the HCG once again.  At that point, you can simply pick up another bottle of the HCG solution for $250/bottle.
Weight loss, or more appropriately “fat loss” success can be yours with this program.  Whether you want to lose a little or a lot, the HCG program creates opportunity for significant weight loss along with resetting “cravings” helping to ensure your ongoing success in maintaining your desired weight.