Dr. Talty desires to keep her practice small and deliver quality specialty care rather than high volume.  In order for her to accomplish this, the practice follows the “fee for service” model.  To optimize personalized patient care, the patient will pay the full amount of the billable charge at the time of service and then Dr. Talty’s biller Terry, will submit the bill to the patient’s individual insurance company for them.  The reimbursement check for that visit will be received by the patient in the mail following the  “out of network provider” reimbursement schedule. The check usually arrives within three weeks.  Typical reimbursement will vary between 60% - 90% of the visit fee depending on the individuals insurance company.  Prolotherapy is not covered by insurance companies and thus will not be eligible for reimbursement.  This policy will include both private insurers as well as patients covered by Medicare.  Payments can be made with personal check, Master Card, Visa or cash.

Overview of charges:

Private Insurance:
  • New Patient one hour = $375.00                                 
  • Follow Up thirty minutes = $200.00
No insurance, or not having us file with your private insurance:
  • New Patient one hour = $325.00                                                                        
  • Follow up thirty minutes = $175.00
  • New Patient one hour without manual medicine procedure = $217.67                   
  • New Patient one hour with manual medicine procedure = $310.56                   
  • Follow-Up thirty minutes without manual medicine = $113.52                   
  • Follow-Up thirty minutes with manual medicine = $206.41
Injections that will be reimbursed by insurance are joint injections and trigger point injections = $80.00 (per area)

Prolotherapy is not reimbursed by any insurance.  It is considered "investigational."  Each area = $80.00