Clinical Bariatric Medicine

For the past several years Dr. Talty has utilized sublingual Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) along with oral pharmaceutical appetite suppressants and a very low calorie, higher protein diet developed by Dr. Simeon, an endocrinologist in Rome between 1950 and 1970 to aid her patients in permanent pain-free weight loss.  Many of her patients needed to shed several extra pounds that were making their structural pain issues worse.  Because of the joint and muscle pain they were unable to exercise and they were already eating less than 500 calories a day effectively shutting down their metabolism.  With the use of HCG they did not have to exercise in order to loose an average of one pound per day of stored body fat.  It got them “un-stuck” and they were able to finally loose the weight and move toward a more pain-free and empowered lifestyle.
Pharmaceutical grade HCG, along with a 500-calorie diet triggers the body to use an additional 2,000 kcals/day of energy from stored body fat while maintaining the bone and muscle tissue.  The diet is easy and simple to follow and is surprisingly satisfying.  Patients are not hungry and often cannot eat all the food that is allowed.  Even though you are only eating 500 calories contained in two meals per day, the body is utilizing a total of 2,500 calories in a 24-hour period thus keeping the blood sugar steady and the patient feeling satiated.  Because the weight loss is only from stored fat and not muscle or bone, each 10 pounds is one clothing size.  Once the weight has been shed, the patient is able to maintain their weight loss by following a life-time of daily regular exercise and an eating plan that consists of 30% of daily calories from protein, 30% from good fats and 40% from low glycemic carbohydrates, while leaving the starchy and sugary carbohydrate-laden foods alone.  Once they complete the thirty-day HCG diet and six-week maintenance program people no longer crave the breads, pastas, potatoes, rice and sweets and find it simple to keep the weight off.  It has been compared to rebutting your metabolic computer.